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Our clients mean the world to us. At DSK we are always looking at how we can improve and help our clients to strengthen their financial health.

Please join us in celebrating our partnership with Wealth Stewards Inc. Wealth Stewards, a team of financial professionals that offer a broad range of expertise in wealth planning and management, are the winner of the 2017 & 2018 Global Financial Planning Award for Canada. We are proud to have them as part of our family of services to meet your financial and business needs.

“Through our many years in public accounting we have seen that a great many of our clients have under-performing investment returns and limited, sometimes non-existent, investment advice.”

The vast majority of companies and individuals do not have a financial plan, a retirement plan, proper insurance coverage, wills or power of attorneys. All of this is so very important and yet never really taken seriously until it is too late.

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Jason Kingston presents Passive Investments and the Small Business Limit

| Article by Jason Kingston, CPA, CGA, EA, DSK Wealth Events, Wealth Management Articles | No Comments
On December 6th, 2018, Jason Kingston spoke in detail on Passive Investments and the Small Business Limit, and how this could affect you. If you missed this DSK Wealth webinar,…

DSK Wealth Webinar Series

| Article by Jason Kingston, CPA, CGA, EA, DSK Wealth Events, Wealth Management Articles | No Comments
DSK Wealth Management is pleased to introduce, through our collaboration with Wealth Stewards, a series of webinars on tax and wealth management topics. Please see below to register for our next upcoming…

Family Business Basics

| Article by Paul Drouillard, Wealth Management Articles | No Comments
How would you currently rate communication between your family members? Now, assume that you're running a family business with them. How does this dynamic affect you personally, and professionally? When…

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Achieve your personal goals through maximization and/or management of your portfolio, taxes, estate and philanthropic contributions. Thoughtful and comprehensive assessment and advice can be yours through our partnerships with some of the most respected industry professionals.

Now we can make sure that not only do you receive the best financial and tax advice from us, but also make sure you get the much needed investment advice AND plans that tie everything together.

With DSK and Wealth Stewards on your team – it’s that easy.

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